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History in Pavement Lights

Pavement Lights also known as Vault Lights and Sidewalk prisms are mainly used to allow light to basement areas, pavement lights first appeared in London in the late 1880's in the form of cast iron frames glazed with cut squares of glass. Plain glass fenestration was quickly superseded by pressed glass lenses, which in turn were succeeded by pressed glass prism lenses designed to transmit as much light as possible. 

Pavement lights

Pavement Lights

The Pavement Light Company use reinforced concrete and glass blocks or lenses that are combined not only to produce pavement lights, but also roof lights and floor lights. We are pavementing experts and we use industry guidelines for all our products to determine loading, thermal, acoustic and fire performance, and compliance with local authority requirements. Slip resistance is less well covered, but experience has proven that the face size limitation for glass lenses (100 mm x 100 mm), imposed by the London authorities in the 1930s, produces acceptable results. Some clients prefer sandblasted lenses and add chromite or carborundum grains in the concrete wearing surface to improve slip resistance.

Pavement Lights

Pavement Light Construction

We use glass lenses with factory-mixed concrete cast in moulds and hand floated to a finish. The default is for the concrete to be left uncoloured, but bespoke colours and textures can be provided. Unglazed units with special surface finishes are available, to allow for the addition of in situ surface coverings to match the surrounding area.

The spanning ability of precast units depends on the required loading but spans up to 4.4 m can be achieved with distributed loadings up to 20 kN/m2.

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Pavement lighting


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